At Foggy Bottom Law School, our mission is to serve as a leader in the tutoring and study of law. We seek to imbibe of our students with ethical practices of law, and to train them to be future well-reputable law practitioners. We make use of every money collected in our name to build a better future for our students, and thereby positively have a societal impact.

Sleaziest for-profit law school…. “called” Foggy Bottom Law School advertises the ease with which its happy graduates land high-paying jobs at prestigious firms. ….. “Foggy Bottom” earned graduates a mountain of debt.

New York Times

Here at Foggy Bottom Law School we have 7 values

  1. Subpar law school
  2. Too many promises
  3. Charged too much money
  4. Encouraged too much debt
  5. Admitting a lot of mediocre students who really had no business in law school
  6. Not properly prepared Students for the Bar exam
  7. Plus some students are too dumb to pass the Bar exam
The Rooster Bar by John Grisham  Meet our owner, Hinds Rackley, also owns other law schools around the county. He also hides behind shell companies so we don’t have any photos of him and our Dean also hides in his office so we do not have any photos of him.
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The Rooster Bar by John Grisham