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Students life in Law School

We all have ever heard about the stress of studying law at the university from either the family members or the friends but do you really know what it entails to be a law student? Keep tuned as this post is about to reveal the essential things you need to be conversant with as a law student.
This post aims to debunk some myths, confirm some rumors you have ever heard of and ensure you are familiar with what you are signing up for. Besides, this post provides you with super tips to make you cope up faster with university life as a law student. Law is a vast field to pursue, and the following are some of the things you should know about the life of a law student.

You Can’t Avoid Reading, It Follows You Like A Ghost

Different from other courses, the law is a unique course because you require facts to prove cases. It’s not like courses such as humanities and arts whereby you can just answer questions by scanning the environment. Law is dynamic, and as a student, you have to start from scratch and spend several hours in a day in the library in pursuit to enrich your knowledge. If you are the type that waits for the exams to start skimming through the pages, please, the law might not be your stuff. However, if you know what you signed for, it should be easy to deal with the excessive reading.

Law is not for everyone

The law school is not for everyone, it not a piece of a cake that everybody takes a bite as they progress to the next step. Once you set your feet in, you can smell the sharp minds in the environment. Law life requires a great deal of command of details and legislation of cases. You are also expected to have a more comprehensive and different view on issues. A lot of students do not have this ability, and this is why there has been an increase in dropout cases especially in the US. You need to have a diverse view on issues to supplement the knowledge acquired from the books.

Its Sweet in Law School Once You Know What You Are Up Against

Perhaps I have given the impression that you have to spend your entire life in the school library. No! This is not the case; university life is what you make it. You have the freedom of engaging in extracurricular activities, chatting with friends and participating in other activities apart from studying. The driving force is how you prioritize things. Believe me; you must excel when you master the art of balancing studies and extracurricular activities.

It Can Be Really Interesting

A lot of you go to school having in mind that you will encounter challenging topics and you will most likely fall in love with others. This is a side effect of learning because you might only concentrate on what your ears enjoy and disregard other topics. You have to learn all the subjects in significant depth. You get interested as time passes by and you might actually discover that you fall in love with the topics you thought wouldn’t be interesting.
Like studying any other course at the university, life in the law school has its ups and downs. What matters is your interest, if this is your passion and you have what it takes to excel, then go for it. The positive part of being in law school surpasses the negatives. Keep your ears off the negative comments, and you will find it easier to cope with law school life.

Campus Life

Beyond your studies, the Law School offers a vibrant world of student organizations, social activities, neighborhoods to explore, and many other opportunities to make the most of your time in Washington, District of Columbia. To help you get oriented, we’ve listed resources that will help you stay in shape, get around, eat well, and situate yourself on campus.


We do not guarantee affordable housing for first-year students. There are cheap apartment housing residences that are a short walk from our main campus in the heart of Washington DC.

Public Safety

Metropolitan Police Department ensures a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Learn more about safety and security policies and procedures, and the Brooklyn Law School campus alerts system.